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My  School House Studio today
My School House Studio today

Every time I empty out my studio to make it into a gallery for the Open House,  I find some fabric that I forgot I had.  It’s inspiring.  This time I organized my box of  tangled trims and ribbon into a sewing box that my friend Diane gave me a while ago.  Now that I know what I have it makes me want to use them.

I also put all my embroidered linens in my small green cabinet.  The one my alter sits on. I have it organized by how I would use them.   Along the way I pulled out a few that I want to use in a quilt.

The last thing I did was set up my sewing machine.  Then I rolled out my yoga mat, moved on it  a little, then just sat.

So many idea flooded my mind.  Where to begin……

My trims and ribbons
Some of my trims and ribbons

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