The Wedding Ring Quilt

Wedding ring quilt 1

I started working on this new piece yesterday.  Someone sent me this Wedding Ring Quilt in the mail.  Like most of the quilts people send me it’s deteriorating and beautiful.   Just the kind of quilt I can use.  I cut the edges off and made it the size and shape that seemed right for me.  Then I started working.

Looking at it, the first thing I saw was a boot, a big boot….

Wedding ring quilt 2

… and it wanted to be red.

Wedding ring quilt 3

This is what happened next…

Wedding ring quilt 4

Wedding ring quilt 5

This is  what I have so far.     I don’t know what it’s called yet,  but here’s some details.

Wedding ring quilt detail

Wedding ring quilt detail2

Wedding ring quilt detail3

9 thoughts on “The Wedding Ring Quilt

  1. Of course, it is speaking to me. If not sold, I would like it.
    I love it. Am learning about goddesses and their meanings. Just ordered Dr. Northrup’s kindle book on goddesses.And yes my 30th wedding anniversary just passed in sept…so wedding rings seem appropriate. If already sold; then it just wasn’t meant to be mine . Am happy for the person who gets it!
    Love and admire your creativity, Maria!

  2. Oh, wow! This is fascinating to watch, really want to see the next stage of this one! love the cat/demon (??) and the tree and the little goddess motifs! 🙂

  3. WoW! Really great, Maria. You are totally changing the visual geometrics. I particularly like the medallion in the upper right. It is no longer dominated by the rings, but they are still there…binding… More, please!

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