The Woods Opened Up To Me


Our neighbor invited us to walk in his woods.   He told us there are lots of trails, in the winter, people  go there to cross country ski.   I’ve walked there a few times but all the trial I could find seemed to just end shortly into the walk.

Today I needed to clear my head, I was having a hard time focusing and was filled with self doubts.  Usually I walk in the woods behind our house, but I decided to try our neighbors trails again.  Mostly to do something different.

It was the first time for Fate in these woods, but I don’t have to worry about her.  She’s a different dog when we walk in the woods.  Different from the dog who herds sheep and from the dog who sits in my studio and from the dog who walks with me, Jon and Red.   When me and Fate walk in the woods together it seems to me like Fate’s more mature more serious.  She’ll chase a chipmunk, but she keeps close to me, waits if I stop and is always ready to head back to where we came from.  And she always knows how to get back, which path to take, even if it’s our first time there.

Today, those trails that in the past were dead ends, opened up for me.  We followed an old farm fence to the top of a corn field on a hill that gave a view of mountains I never knew were there.   One trail  took us to a green field, too green for this time of year,  there was a broken down trailer and two fields away I could see Route 22, the road I live on, but I had no idea where I was.   Fate and I back tracked and I let her choose the way when we came to a place, that I didn’t recognize, where three trails came together.   And hour later we were back in my neighbors driveway.

I don’t know how it happened, but I felt like I stepped through the back of the wardrobe and it opened up a whole new world.  I know if I walk those woods enough I’ll find my landmarks, get to know all the trails.  But today it was a bit of a mystery, as if the wood and I  were ready for each other.  And it was  just what I needed to help get myself back to me.

11 thoughts on “The Woods Opened Up To Me

  1. What a beautifully written entry, Maria. I felt as if I was on the trail with you and Fate. I know you are a fiber artist, but there is wonderful artistry in your writing as well. Thank you, as always, for sharing. Althea

    1. It’s not a giant woods Lynn, where I could really get lost for long. It’s bounded by roads not too far off. I might have a walk further than I intended, but in those woods I could always find my way back one way or another. I’m not so great with directions, but have learned to keep my eye on the sun and know where it is at different times during the day when I’m near home.

  2. I really loved your entry today. . .as Althea said, I felt I was right there with you because of your beautiful honest heartfelt words. . . being lost is a scary feeling– whether physically or emotionally. . .what a gift that Fate/fate showed you the way. . they way we instinctively have inside of us once we learn to trust ourselves and move through the fear. . .thanks for your words. . for you!

  3. It’s cold and damp here in Indiana tonight. But when I read your wonderful story of you and Fate on the new trails, just laughed and smiled and cozier in further in my blanket, cuddling with Tucker, and so happy to hear a great dog story. Have fun n all the new paths.

    Thanks, Susie

  4. Your stories are cathartic for a generally timid person like me. You have such joy and curiosity! I must ask – what is the butterfly piece at the beginning of this article? Love it.

    1. Thanks Sharon. It’s a swatch of fabric that’s a part of my Wedding Ring Quilt. The border around it is drawings I did using images from my Language Of the goddess book. the top strip is also depictions of butterflies that were found on ancient pottery.

  5. Dear Maria, Such a precious experience and story!! I am amazed and curious that Fate matures in the woods and becomes a guide. How wonderfully faceted dogs can be! Annie

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