The Intuition Goddess on Her Horse

Intuition goddess on horse5

I got the idea to make one of my Intuition Goddesses on a horse over the weekend.  It probably came from the time I spent with Chloe on Saturday, but I can’t say for sure.  Once I thought of doing it, it seemed so obvious.

First I did some warm up sketches in the pasture looking at Chloe and the Donkeys then I did a marker drawing of what I had in mind…

goddess draw

Then I drew her on with my machine….

Intuition goddess on horse

Intuition goddess on horse2

My first stitching of her hip and thigh looked too much to me like one of those images of  naked women that some men  have on the license plates or rear windows of their cars and trucks, so I made some adjustments. I used my seam ripper more than once on this one.

Intuition goddess on horse3

Intuition goddess on horse4


Naturally, Lady Godiva came to mind after making her.  So I checked out the legend and found that Lady Godiva  was trying to get her husband to lower taxes for the people of the town.  He said he would when she rode a horse naked through town at mid-day.  So she did.  The images that I saw of Lady Godiva range between a naked woman riding side-saddle, her long hair covering most of her body to pornography.  I don’t know if my Goddess fits into the story.  I do  know she didn’t have to be encouraged to ride her horse naked.

I’m finding my intuition is as important to my relationship with Chloe as it is in my art and the rest of my life.  And I think most animals can help us get closer to our intuitive nature, it’s so often how we read them and communicate with them even if we aren’t aware of it.  I think Intuition Goddesses and animals are a natural.

My Intuition Goddess on Her Horse is about 12″ x 13″ and is stitched on a Vintage Linen.  She is Sold.  $75 + $10 shipping.  If you’d like her  to bring her into your home, you can email me here at [email protected].  I take checks and paypal.


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  1. Dear Maria, Being able to sketch with a pencil so well is impressive, but being able to SEW that drawing on a machine is AMAZING!! This “show and tell” of your sewing a drawing is very interesting, as is your intuition with Chloe. Annie

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