Making Vintage Hankie Scarves


Japan Scarf
Japanese Scarf

I opened up the package from Elizabeth and there was the hankie from Japan that I just used in a scarf I made for the Open House.  I had three or four people ask me about that scarf with the Japaneses woman on it.   It was the first one to sell.   So now thanks to Elizabeth (thank you Elizabeth) I was able to make another one.  It is Sold  for sale and it’s $45 + $8 shipping.  Just email me at [email protected]  if you’re interested in it.

I also made some more scarves from some of the other special hankies I’ve been saving.  One of them has kittens on it and another puppies.  They’re not done yet,  I’m giving them to Kim tonight to sew.  I’ll post them on my blog with some other Vintage Hankie Scarves I designed today, next week when they’re all done.

Making the Kitten Scarf.
Making the Kitten Scarf.


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