Creating a Weekend of Meditation, Music and Art Around Intuition

Athena, Me and Mandy
Athena, Me and Mandy at the Round House Cafe

Jon calls us the Good Witches and I have to say that appeals to me.  How nice to be seen as a witch and respected and loved, especially by my husband, who does understand.

Mandy, Athena and I have been getting together once a week for a few years now.  It’s a treasured friendship for all of us and now we’re thinking of the three of us each putting our special talents together and creating a weekend of meditation, movement, music and art.

We’re still in the planning stages, but we want it to take place at Pompanuck, here in  Cambridge and have between 12-20 people participate.    The weekend to be based around finding and strengthening our intuitive selves.  Athena will bring her years of experience with music, breath work and movement and meditation.  And Mandy, who is a massage therapist and energy worker will focus on meditation, the chakras and being grounded in our bodies.  And, as an artist I will help people understand and manifest their intuition in an Intuition Doll that is unique to them.

We’re thinking about doing it some time in April and are very excited about it. I don’t have anymore details at this point, but will keep  you in the process and  keep writing about it as we know more.

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