My Happy Housewife Day

It’s different since I put the clothes line up.  Now before I do the wash, I check to see what the weathers going to be like.  If it’s going to be a better clothes drying day  tomorrow, I’ll wait.  Today I did a lot of laundry.  It was warm and windy.  I could’ve washed all our clothes, sheets and  blankets, by the time the next machine load was done, the clothes on the line were dry.

I never did get to my studio today.  Not because of the clothes, although they did feed my obsessive tendencies.  Jon went to bed with a stomach bug and didn’t get up till this afternoon. (I knew something was off when he told me he only took one photo yesterday)  He’s a pretty good patient compared to the stories I heard at the dentist’s office.  I had a cracked tooth and while Dr Coco was filling it he and his assistant Sam, traded stories about what husbands are like when they’re sick.  Dr Coco confessed to being the big baby that Sam said her husband was.

I always feel so grateful when I go to the dentist.  The whole thing, drilling out an old filling and putting in a new took a half hour.  There was no pain and when it was done it was done.  I’m not sure why, but I always think of the horror stories about dentist of the past, before Novocaine, and am stunned by what dentists can now do.  And I let the dentist know too.  I don’t think I ever want to take such a thing for granted.

When I got home, Jon was feeling a little better and I had a ton of shipping and book-keeping to do.  I didn’t get everything I needed to do done till 3 o’clock.  By now my brain was locked in chore mode.  So I took Chloe for a walk on the hill across the street.  The grass is still long and green there.  She feasted.

I was drawn back to the laundry when I saw the way it was moving in the wind.    I was mesmerized by the movement of the stripes, the billowing and the snapping sound the sheets made.  I don’t know if I captured it on the video, but it was like watching the ocean, undulating in and out.

My day was unusual in how domestic  it was.  Because Jon was sick, I cooked and shopped (rice and Imodium) did laundry and took care of Jon. I went to the bank and the post office.  And at the end of the day, when I pulled the last load of  laundry off the line, I decided to change the clean sheets on the guest bed where our friend Pamela will spend the night.  I just couldn’t stand the thought of putting them in the closet where they’d lose their fresh air smell when a friend could be sleeping between them that night.

I’m  feeling a little like the “Happy Housewives” on those potholders I made.  It’s okay for one day, but I know it won’t last long, I’m not really good at it and I don’t enjoy it.  I’m already thinking that I’d rather go out for dinner  than cook again.  (Although not everyone would call making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and making rice cooking)  And if Jon’s stomach can handle it, we just might.

Happy Housewife Potholder
Happy Housewife Potholder

4 thoughts on “My Happy Housewife Day

  1. I remember laughing so hard at your happy housewife fabric at one of the open houses. We out loved each chore ! I have a hanging on the b ack of my heavy metal door that has a few of those housewives in it. Always makes me smile 🙂 I am so jealous of your clothesline. This is the first place I’ve lived where I haven’t had one. No room. Your video reminded me also of the ocean. It actually calmed my mind a bit.

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