The Blogging Workshop at Pompanuck, One Voice At a Time

The Blogging Workshop inside the Round House at Pompanuck
The Blogging Workshop inside the Round House at Pompanuck

Something new is emerging in our lives.  Creativity is like that, when you actively  live a creative life that’s what happens.  Something new all the time.  One idea morphs into another.  Some of them work and some float back to where ideas come from to be recycled into another idea at another time. But when you act on an idea, something you have a passion for, something that seems as natural to do as eating breakfast, but not as mundane and with just enough edge to make it exciting enough to  want to try, it can snowball.  Constantly growing, reaching out in all directions, pushing the boundaries so suddenly, you realize you’ve created something new.

That’s what’s happening with the creative workshops Jon and I are doing at Pompanuck. It  began when Jon moved his Writing Class to Pomanuck  over the summer.  Then we had the Creative Conference the day before the Open House.  And now, Jon’s Blogging Weekend.

This one focusing on getting our friend and director of Blue Star Equiculture, Pamela Rickenback a blog called Yacu Colorina.  But it wasn’t just about Pamela, it was also about the six other people we invited to be a part of the class.  The conversation moved around the room, each person discovering what they wanted and needed to continue  to grow their already established blog or to start a new one.  Jon is genius at sifting through people’s often clouded words to help them focus on what’s really important to them.  And I’m seeing that my experience with writing and selling my work on my blog is actually useful to people other than myself.  By the second day, everyone had a new creative trail to blaze.

When it’s authentic and nurtured, a blog is voice and identity.  It’s a shout to the world that you exist and have something important to say, something the world needs to hear.  And we all have something to say, something to give.   We may not do it on a blog, it may manifest in a different way.  But for people who know they have something to say in pictures or words or sound,  something that burns,  keeps you up and wakes you up and insists on being known, made real, a blog is the perfect vehicle to get it out into the world.

I keep thinking it’s the coming together of people and place.  Scott and Lisa, helped build Pompanuck for just what Jon and I are beginning to do there.  To bring people together in creative ways, to blossom and heal and help make us whole.  To help make the world a better place.  And I believe that’s what these workshops are beginning to do, one voice at a time.

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