The Gee’s Bend Quilters in Brattleboro Vermont, And Me.

Delia Pettway Thibodeau, showing me how to quilt  in the lobby of the Catherine Dianich Gallery in Brattleboro.  Photo by Howard Weiss-Tisman

I was hand sewing the backing onto my new wall hanging and my mind went to the night Jon and I went to Brattleboro Vermont to see the Gee’s Bend Quilt show there in October.  I was thinking about how I felt like I could have stayed there all night, quilting and talking to the Delia and China Pettway who were both teaching anyone who wanted to know how to quilt.

Then I remembered that Vermont Public Radio was there at the same time doing an interview.  I know what I was saying, while I was quilting,  was recorded because at one point I almost knocked the small mic out of the interviewers hand.  But I never heard the  piece on the radio, I forgot all about it until just now.

So I googled it,  and there I was in a photo with Delia Pettway Thibodeau.   Seeing myself in the photo, brought me right back to being there and the thrill of it.   I also felt really honored to be pictured with Deila.    You can click here to see more photos and  read or hear the piece about the Gee’s Bend Quilters and their trip to Brattleboro, Vermont.


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