Moon Goddess Rising, A Wall Hanging For Sale

Moon Goddess Rising
Moon Goddess Rising

Our donkeys, Lulu and Fanny, have been a constant.  You can see it in their calm and habitual nature, which is reflected in their peaceful lives on Bedlam Farm.  So many things have changed since Jon and I got together over seven years ago.  Dogs, cats, sheep, chickens leave or die and new ones come to the farm.  Even the farm changed when we moved.  But the Lulu and Fanny remain.   Adjusting with the changes day to day and seemingly unchanged by them long term.  Lulu and Fanny are around 10 years old, they can live into their forties,  but they are already ancient souls.

I’ve been wanting to include them in one of my pieces for a long time.  Always together, a steady grounding force, who need as much love as they give.

The Moon Goddess is as wise as her oak leaf hair and knowing as the intuitive eye in her gut.  Connecting the earth and moon.  Reaching down to the ancient mother as alligator.

A few years ago, during a Soul Retrieval, Alligator slipped into my skin, the same way they slide into down a riverbank into the water, filling me with the protective wisdom I was missing.

The  marker cross hatch or netting that envelops alligator in my wall hanging is a symbol of water as are the images on either side.  Water as the life giver.

The serpents as well as the moon are regenerating life.  And the oak tree that  sleeps in  the moon at night speaks of wisdom and the cycles of nature.

Moon Goddess Rising is stitched and drawn using permanent markers on a Vintage Linen table runner.  It’s 26″ x 17″ and is Sold $200 + $10 shipping.  If you’re interested in it you can email me here at [email protected].

I’m charging a bit more than I usually do for this piece, although I have been raising my prices in small increments steadily.  It’s something I always think about whenever I make anything, how much to charge.  This piece took me three days to make,   it has a lot of intricate stitching.  Lately I’ve been charging $150 for a piece this size but it’s not hard to figure out that if I did that, I’d have made $50 a day.  Even at $200 it’s not much.   I hate to think about selling art in terms of an hourly wage.  Any piece of art has a lifetime put into it, not just literal hours spent making it.  Figuring this all out isn’t my strong point.   But I would also rather be doing my work and selling it for what I can, for what people are willing to pay,  than not doing it at all.   So it’s about self-worth and making enough money to live on and what my market will bear.  Like most things in life, it’s a constant process and we’re in together.

moon goddess rising detail1

moon goddess rising detail2

moon goddess rising detail3

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  1. Dear Maria, This piece is so intricate and evocative that I’m surprised you could make it in just three days!! AND YOU SHOULD CHARGE MORE MONEY! THAT IS YOUR HEART, SOUL, AND MIND CREATING YOUR ART! Way different than just using your body to sweep the floor or something while your mind and soul soar free. Annie

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