Grey Hen In The Barn

hen in the barn

Grey Hen was in the barn this morning and she was awful chatty.  The chickens have been moulting for  a couple of months and they were looking pretty skanky for a while.   But now they’re beautiful again, exploring all corners of the farm and even laying eggs.

Gray Hen had so much to say this morning I thought I should give voice to her clucking by taking a video.  Then the light burst through the window and sudden Grey Hen was almost ethereal.  Like she was in Hen Heaven or something.   Have a look….


3 thoughts on “Grey Hen In The Barn

  1. I miss our chickens, Maria, had them for fourteen years but then my husband became unwell and the extra of looking after the hens, cleaning out their house once a month in the winter loomed over me and in a moment of regret which I feel to this day, I sent them up the line, suitcases backed with new feed, and within a day my husband had the runs down that I had built and the inside of the hen house removed of wire rooms. His brother, a lawyer, said I should have kept the chickens and gotten rid of him. !! When our Aussies heard the sound of Grey Hen, they ran to the door barking, then into my studio and almost leapt into the computer screen. I know in all reality that the keeping of hens is an emotional choice. The cost of each egg they hatched here likely amounted to a days salary for some people. They were a spoiled lot.
    SandyP in S.Ont.Can

    1. I remember a picture you sent me of your hens Sandy, or hens like the ones you had. They sure were lucky to have you when they did. Its enough for me just to see the hens walking around the yard. They don’t have to do much else. guess I’m like you in that way.

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