Teaching Chloe How To “Touch”

I’m teaching Chloe tricks to help us bond and learn how to communicate better with each other.    I’m surprised at how much fun I’m having with it.  And she seems to enjoy it too, between the attention and the treats. I’m thinking someone else might have taught Chloe some tricks before me, because she’s catching on pretty quick and seems to do some other things that look like tricks to me.

I’ve been teaching her “touch”.   She touches the black bucket with her nose and gets a treat.   I think she has it down.   Yesterday she kept touching the bucket with her nose even when I didn’t ask her too.  She doesn’t get a treat for that, but it tells me she gets it.

Now I’m moving on to “hug”.  Supposedly I can use the “touch” trick to teach Chloe a bunch of other tricks.  I just started trying to figure out how to teach her hug.  We’re not there yet, but Jon took a video of us doing “touch” this morning.  It gets a little complicated when the donkeys join in.  I tried to teach them too, but they’re not as responsive and it makes it harder to focus.   So for now the donkeys still get treats just for being there.

donks and chloe

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