Small Secrets Potholders, For Sale

The Small Secret Potholders Still Available
The Small Secret Potholders  That Are Still Available

When I was working on my 1970’s Patchwork Potholders I made one that gave me an idea.  It had a small section that was made up of  some smaller pieces of fabric and it was surrounded by larger pieces of fabric.  It made me think of my Crow Potholders that had a little jewel of fabric in them surrounded by black print fabric.

I wanted to do something that made that tiny center special, like a magical space you could go into to, or a secret hideaway.  I wanted it to draw the eye like a  crystal sparkling  in the ground.

So I used my box of scraps to create some tiny patchworks about two to three inches in dimension.   Around them  I  sewed large blocks and strips of solid colors.


When one of my readers, Lois, saw a picture of one on Instagram, she said it had a sweet center.  That’s just what I was trying to do.

Now my Small Secret Potholders are for sale.  They’re $15 each + $5 shipping for 1-2 and $7 shipping for 3 or more (shipping outside the US is slightly more).   I take checks and paypal.  If you see any that hold a secret for you and you’d like to have it, you can email me here at [email protected].


The potholders that gave me the idea for the Small Secret Potholders
The potholders that gave me the idea for the Small Secret Potholders

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  1. A friend bought a stained glass piece that a fellow from France made. When we looked closer we found a tiny French flag in the art.Such a neat idea…his signature

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