Boyfriend Quilt

boyfriend quilt

I’ve known Becca for a long time.  She bought some of my first potholders and has continued to follow my work and buy it over the years.   Like many of the people I know through my blog, I’ve never met her in person and probably never will.  But a while back Becca started her own blog so I got to know her a little more than a lot of the people who buy my work.

Recently, after some hard times, Becca has found love.   Real love stories are some of my favorites, along with stories about people finding themselves and realizing their passions.

So when Becca emailed me and said if I happened to make a quilt for a man before Christmas she’d like to buy it for her boyfriend.  I smiled at Becca’s happiness when I read it  and knew I’d be making her a quilt.

I’ve been slowly working on it over the past week and today I sewed it together and started tacking it.   I used some of the wild duck fabric I had (Becca told me her boyfriend likes wild birds and so I started with these pieces of fabric and worked off the colors in them).   For the back I sewed the leftover scraps from the front together and added on to them.  I like the back as much as the front, different as they are.

I should have it done by tomorrow.  In plenty of time for Becca to give to her love for Christmas.

boyfriend quilt back

10 thoughts on “Boyfriend Quilt

  1. This quilt is so cool.I’m sure the boyfriend will love it. This look on Fate’s face reminds me of the photo shoots with Izzy in front of the quilts.Just being a good buddy and tolerating it!
    Ahh…nothing like a sweet love story. 🙂 Have you something in mind for the Aquarious (sp?) black and brown material over to the right? I don’t see any of it in this man’s quilt. Happy Wednesday Maria!

    1. I must confess I made her sit there. You can kind of tell by the look on her face. She was laying on the other side of the quilt chewing on a bone when I interrupted her.

  2. I love the warmth and masculinity of this quilt. I am sure he will love it. I can so appreciate how much you can share in the joy of someone else’s found love. I think when we have found love we can appreciate it even more for others too. You have such a big heart.

  3. I love this quilt. I just might find myself a boyfriend, so I can get a quilt! No, wait! I may just get a No Boyfriend Quilt, and consider it a bullet dodged!


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