Christmas Vintage Hankie Scarf Give-a-way

Christmas Scarf
Christmas Vintage Hankie  Scarf

I made a few scarves last week from the Vintage Hankies that people have generously sent me over the years.   Most people are glad to give the hankies a second life.  The hankies, which few people actually use anymore, are each unique and quite beautiful.  Some of them are machine embroided and many of them are hand stitched or have tatting on the edge.  Many of them have sentimental value, and have been kept tucked away in the back of a drawer or closet for years.   I’ve gotten boxes of a hundred or more, someone’s Mom’s hankie collection that she no longer needs.

This year I found I had enough Vintage Christmas hankies to make two Christmas Scarves.  I sold one last week and this week I’m giving the other one away.

This Christmas Vintage Hankie Scarf is in my Waterfall Style and is made with smaller hankies most the them embroidered on the edges or corners.  Some of the hankies just have the colors of Christmas, but they work.

So if you’d like a chance to win this Christmas Vintage Hankie Scarf, just leave a comment on my blog.  I’ll pick the winner randomly on Monday and announce the winner on my blog.  Then I’ll get the scarf  in the mail to you in time for the Holidays. 

Here's a photo of the scarf laid flat.  The person who bought the other Christmas Scarf is using it as a table runner.
Here’s a photo of the scarf laid flat. The person who bought the other Christmas Scarf is using it as a table runner.

64 thoughts on “Christmas Vintage Hankie Scarf Give-a-way

  1. Could I be the first to make a comment to win the Christmas hankie scarf??? Hope I’m in the right place. I have sent you a box of hankies and sometimes I think I see one I may have sent you, in the photos you show of your scarves. I see so many at estate sales and rummage sales but don’t know if you want more or not? Can you let me know if you see this? I’d be glad to send you more when I see some again, and I don’t even mind paying for them. You inspire me and I am so happy you have a horse and how wonderful you two are for each other.

  2. What a wonderful give a way so close to the Hoilidays. Just love the idea of using the hankie scarf as a table runner, at least for a while. Please enter my name for consideration when you select a recipient for the scarf.


  3. Maria, I have always loved your creativity in creating these scarves……. and I have seen some (with very fond remembrances) of my Mothers hankies that I sent you almost 2 years ago now, sewn into these works. I can pick them out instantly! I would love nothing more than wearing one of your lovely creations.
    Susan M

  4. lovely scarf – I do so enjoy your work – have a few potholders, given some as presents and also enjoy a pillow that you made-

    thanks for the giveaway

    happy holiday season

    wendy greenspan

  5. Hi Maria,

    I love your Christmas Vintage Hankie Scarf and would enjoy wearing it this holiday season. I’ve been following your vintage hankie journey ever since I found your Go Fund Me project. It was your interest in the hankies that educated me about them. So, will you please enter my name in your drawing on Monday for this beauty. Thanx ever so much.

    Happy creating,
    Shirley Forster, Gresham, OR

  6. I’m going to keep trying until I win one of your awesome pieces – would love this vintage hanky scarf!!

  7. I love peeking your lives at Bedlam Farm and appreciate all of your honest sharing. Of course, I miss seeing sweet Simon in the photos and videos. I shall always keep him in my heart.
    Love the Christmas hankies scarves. Please include me in your drawing. I would be honored to adorn one.

    Sonoma, CA

  8. Beautiful, I would love to wear this unique creation. I would tell people about my artist friend who made it.

  9. A Christmas Vintage Hankie scarf made by Maria! I’d love to wear it around my neck….like a personalized hug.

    Hugs to you, Maria…


  10. I would love to be considered and have a chance at the scarf! I have always loved your work but have never had the chance to purchase something, though I always mean to. I will hope I have a bit of luck! Thanks!
    Saratoga Springs, NY

  11. What a beautiful and festive scarf for the Holiday season! This would make any outfit special and unique. I’d sure love to have it. Please enter me for a chance to win. Thank you!

  12. Maria, I would love a chance to win this Christmas scarf. I like the idea that they are all vintage and you are bringing them back to be enjoyed in a different way. All of your work is great that I have seen. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  13. Thank-you for generously offering your beautiful scarf as a give-away! I would love to have it and I have the perfect person who would truly treasure it! Peace and Joy to you and Jon and all the animals of Bedlam Farm.

  14. Hello, Maria. I love to read your blog daily to see what unique and lovely–and practical, too–art you are creating.

    The vintage hanky scarves are an excellent example of your creativity. Lovely old hankies remind us of our grandmothers who always carried lovely hankies. Some looked too pretty to use. The hankies in this Christmas scarf you are giving away certainly look like they were carried with pride but probably not used.

    My future daughter-in-law is a fiber artist who creates some lovely and unique pieces. If I am lucky enough to win this lovely scarf it will be given to her as a special Christmas present. She would certainly appreciate your creativity as do I in just admiring it electronically.


  15. I enjoy seeing both your’s and Jon’s blog daily. Your work have such interesting combinations and creativity. Wishing you both a beautiful holiday season. Would love to be able to show off a Maria creation here in NC.

  16. That’s adorable Maria, I would love to win this. Hope you have the mellow Christmastime you’re looking for! Thank you –


  17. Thank you so much for your blogs Maria. I just look forward to them each day.

    I would be thrilled to win this scarf that you have made. It is lovely!

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