Christmas Vintage Hankie Scarf Give-a-way

Christmas Scarf
Christmas Vintage Hankie  Scarf

I made a few scarves last week from the Vintage Hankies that people have generously sent me over the years.   Most people are glad to give the hankies a second life.  The hankies, which few people actually use anymore, are each unique and quite beautiful.  Some of them are machine embroided and many of them are hand stitched or have tatting on the edge.  Many of them have sentimental value, and have been kept tucked away in the back of a drawer or closet for years.   I’ve gotten boxes of a hundred or more, someone’s Mom’s hankie collection that she no longer needs.

This year I found I had enough Vintage Christmas hankies to make two Christmas Scarves.  I sold one last week and this week I’m giving the other one away.

This Christmas Vintage Hankie Scarf is in my Waterfall Style and is made with smaller hankies most the them embroidered on the edges or corners.  Some of the hankies just have the colors of Christmas, but they work.

So if you’d like a chance to win this Christmas Vintage Hankie Scarf, just leave a comment on my blog.  I’ll pick the winner randomly on Monday and announce the winner on my blog.  Then I’ll get the scarf  in the mail to you in time for the Holidays. 

Here's a photo of the scarf laid flat.  The person who bought the other Christmas Scarf is using it as a table runner.
Here’s a photo of the scarf laid flat. The person who bought the other Christmas Scarf is using it as a table runner.

64 thoughts on “Christmas Vintage Hankie Scarf Give-a-way

  1. Not looking to win the Give-A-Way, as I am the person who purchased the other Vintage Christmas Hankie Scarf for use as a table runner! Just wanted to say that it arrived yesterday and it is even lovelier than it was in the photo – I can’t wait to display it during the holidays!

    Good luck to the rest you : )


  2. I have really enjoyed watching you work through the various scarfs, some based on one design or feature that catches your eye, others joined up at the corners on a more diagonal layout. Would love to win this one, like some other commenters I have someone in mind who would love it – just like you getting the hankies donated to you, then passing them on! My Mum just had wrist surgery, so can’t work on her quilting or knitting, so this would be a great little surprise gift. Thanks for the opportunity

  3. I remember using hankies, we always had to have one in our purse in case of a sneezing “accident.” I also remember they were the easiest to iron and how satisfying it was to have a perfectly squared off, folded, pressed hankie. Thanks for an as yet, unmined memory.

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