I’m Getting My Wool Back Early

That's Kim looking at the camera and Deb right next to her.
That’s Kim looking at the camera and Deb right next to her.  As you can see their coats are going in nicely.

I didn’t expect to get my wool back from the fall shearing until next spring.  But it seems Deb, at Vermont Fiber Mill, put me on a new schedule and I’m getting my yarn on Sunday.

I know some people knit year round, but knitting in the winter sounds especially nice to me.  I do have a reserve list of people who will be getting some of the wool, but I’ll have plenty extra too.

I’ll be putting  the yarn and roving that I have for sale up on my blog next week.


6 thoughts on “I’m Getting My Wool Back Early

  1. Hi Maria, is roving what you use to spin the wool into yarn? I want to learn how to spin, and Auntie Zaza’s Fiber Works (where I take my knitting classes) has a woman who teaches spinning. I would love to spin some Bedlam Farm wool into yarn. Is that what roving is for? Thanks, Janet

  2. Thanks Maria, that’s what I thought roving was. I think I’ll be like a broody hen and let this roving idea incubate (perculate?) in my mind.

    1. Janet, I didn’t get any roving in this batch. Only Yarn. So I guess that makes the decision for now.. I’ll get some in the spring though, to keep you thinking about it.

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