Bedlam Farm Wool Sold Out

This Falls Bedlam Farm Wool
This falls Bedlam Farm  Yarn:  Pumpkin, Zelda,  Liam, Socks, Kim, Suzy, Deb.

I got my wool back early from Deb at Vermont Fiber Mill.  This time I didn’t get any roving, (sorry spinners, I’ll have more roving in the spring) but have a lot of yarn to sell.  I’m waiting to hear back from someone who wants to buy Suzy’s gray wool, so I won’t know how much if any I’ll have of hers to sell.  But I have wool from all the other sheep available.

The colors of the wool in the picture above are very close to the true colors.  I like putting them all together so you can see the variations in the whites, browns and grays.

Each 200 yard skein is  $24.  Shipping is $6 for 1, $8 for 2-4, $10 for 5-10.  Shipping is a bit more outside the US.

I take checks or can email you a paypal invoice, just let me know which works best for you.

If you’re interested in any of the Bedlam Farm Wool or have any questions, you can email me here at [email protected].

Here’s what I have:

Zelda's Wool
Zelda’s Wool

Zelda’s wool is sold out.  is a  Cheviot.  She’s the herd leader, known for not acting like a sheep.

1 Skeins  of 3 ply DK, 200 yards –  $24 each


Liam's Wool
Liam’s Wool

Liam is  Suzy’s lamb.  He’s  a Cheviot/ Border Leicester mix.  His wool has a buttery yellow tinge to it.

2 Skeins of  3 ply DK,  200 yards –  $24 each  Liam’s Wool is Sold Out.


Sock's Wool
Socks’ Wool

Socks ‘ Wool Is sold out.  is a Border Leicester.  Her’s is the darkest wool.  A rich brown. (for a better idea of the true color look at the photo above with all the yarn)

2 Skeins of 3ply Worsted, 200 yards – $24 each


Pumpkin's Wool
Pumpkin’s Wool

Pumpkin is Socks’ lamb.  He’s a Border Leicester/Cheviot mix.  His wool is lighter than Socks.  More of a dark gray than a brown.

3 Skeins of 3 ply DK ,  200 yards – $24 each  Pumpkin’s wool is sold out.


Kim's Wool
Kim’s Wool

Kim is a Karakul.  Her wool is the closest to white.

 6 Skeins of 3 ply Worsted, 200 yd – $24 each    Kim’s Wool is Sold Out


Deb's Wool
Deb’s Wool

Deb’s  Wool is sold out. wool is creamy in color like Liam’s.   She’s Ma’s lamb.  Ma was a Border Leicester mix so Deb is what ever else Ma was and Cheviot.  What ever the mix, her wool is soft.

7 Skeins 3 ply Worsted – $24 each


Bedlam Farm Wool Sampler
Bedlam Farm Wool Sampler: Kim, Deb, Suzy, Liam, Socks  SOLD

Last, I have a Bedlam Farm Sampler is sold of  five of my seven sheep’s wool for sale.   There’s 125 yards of Kim’s wool, 45 yards of Deb’s wool, 40 yards of Suzy’s wool, 40 yards of Liam’s wool, and 105 yards of Socks wool.  That’s 315 yards of wool total for $25 + $6 shipping.

Again if you have any questions just email me at [email protected].





5 thoughts on “Bedlam Farm Wool Sold Out

  1. Hi Maria!! I would like two skeins – one of Kim’s which I am curious about and one of Deb’s. I can pick it up on a weekend perhaps? Thank you for selling this lovely yarn! Candy

    1. Oh I’m sorry Candy, but I’m all out of Kim’s wool. I still have 10 of Debs at this point, I’ll email you about it. thanks for asking.

  2. Congratulations on selling out all of your wool yarn Maria! When I know better what I’m doing as a knitter, I’m sure I’ll buy some too.

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