Some Changes To My Website

A Zulily ad filling the blank spot.
A Zulily ad filling the blank spot on my Website

Last spring I wanted to do something new on my blog.  So I had a Timeline added to it.  That was a history of my important blogs to give new people who come to my blog a sense of where I started and how I got to where I am now.

It went live around May and I went back to my first blog post and started going through each post and picking out the important ones.  I tried to look at it as if I were curating and exhibit, but it was daunting.

First because I really don’t like looking back.  It brings up a lot of old stuff that I’d rather leave behind.  And second because I have over 2500 blog posts.  I got through the first year then gave up.  I kept meaning to go back to it, but I just couldn’t get myself to do it.

So last month I decided I was going to make the effort and get my Timeline up to date.  I began where I left off, got through 2011… and then there were technical problems.  The old posts weren’t going up on the Timeline and after working with the people at Mannix, (they’re my web designers) I realized it was just too cumbersome and it wasn’t working for me.

But at the same time all of this was going bad I got the idea that I’d like to have my latest video up on the side of my website.

The people at Mannix got right to it and now a few days later you can see my latest video beneath my Blog Roll.
(I put a new one up this morning called “Slow and Steady, Bedlam Farm Animals on the Move”)

My latest video, which I want to move above the blogroll.
My latest video, which I want to move above the blogroll.

Then I thought it would be better in the blank space where my Google ads used to be.  (I had some problems with those over a year ago that I didn’t know how to resolve.  After a while I just got used to seeing that blank space and forgot about them).  But, instead, Jamie from Mannix looked into the ad problem and this morning they’re back.  And so far they seem better than the adds I used to have. (the first ones I saw was for the  MOMA gift shop and Zulily)

I still want to move my video up between my archives and blogroll. Closer to the top of the site.    Then I think the changes to my blog will be complete for a while.

And,  I’ll be able to make some extra money on the ads because  every time someone clicks on them, I get something (I honestly have no idea how much a few cents I think) and it does add up.

I’m pretty excited about the changes.  If you care to, let me know what you think.


10 thoughts on “Some Changes To My Website

  1. Hi Maria, I like having your latest video up on the side of your blog site. Slow and Steady is so dear! It looks like there are two viewing sizes – full screen (which is blurry) or small size (which is a little hard for me to see). Is there an in-between size by any chance? This is starting to sound like Goldilocks and the Three Bears!

    As for the ads -are those the ones that I can see right above the blue “Archives” box? It looks like they are tailored to the visitor to your site. So I am seing ads from REI (where I shopped online a couple of weeks ago) and from Laura Mercier makeup (a brand I just bought for the first time two weeks ago). I am happy to click on them if it helps put pennies in the Full Moon Fiber Arts piggy bank!

    Bravo of working on your site design – for me it’s a frustrating kind of task.

    Later gator!

    1. I’d have to check about the sizes of the video Janet. But I think that’s the best they can do. I’m always disappointed in the quality of the videos once they go up on YouTube. They look so much better on my phone. And don’t feel compelled to click on the ads if you don’t want to. I have actually found some good sites for buying my work materials, like thread and batting from the ads.

  2. Fun. When I came to your site I got an ad for Sandra Ingerman. I took one of her courses recently through the shift network. It’s pretty easy to move widgets around on your sidebar. Moving your video up will be a snap. I never see ads or scrolling things on websites because I read all of my blogs on a blog reader. It keeps my email clean.

  3. I’m not seeing the ads you mentioned, but I’ll keep checking back so I can click on them. Thank you for the update!

  4. HI Maria, I like having the latest video right there, easy to find.

    It would be interesting to have some filmed in your studio, as we usually see a before / after one about setting up for the Open House, but I enjoy your posts about your current projects, and would enjoy a ‘here’s what I’m working on, this is what inspired me today’ type video. Or to see how you choose what to do next with your twine chair. I’ve done weaving before but have no idea about macramé which I know you’ve been working on lately, with the baling twine.

    I loved the recent post about the story of knitting, I feel like this when I knit with the Shetland yarn from my neighbors farm, where I helped out for the day when they were shearing. Then get to see the finished product, and know which sheep it came from. Glad to see your wool sales are going well.

    1. That’s a good idea, to take some video in my studio. I’ll get that video of me sewing yet. Thanks for the input English sheep girl. And I’m glad you got the story about the knitting. I bet a lot of knitters do.

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