The End Is Always Near


Two weeks ago I made a bunch of potholders.  When they didn’t sell right away, I thought that people had enough potholders.  I had saturated them market.  As much as I like making potholders,  I gave myself the pep talk,  it  wasn’t a bad thing I told myself, I could make something new instead.

Then in just a few days, I got some emails and people asking if I had any potholders for sale.  I told them all I had run out and was making more.  So today I got to it.

I don’t know why I always think the end is upon me. I don’t sell some potholders in a couple of days and I think I’m over.  You’d think after seven years of doing this I’d know that there are slow times in every business.  When things are going well I remember, but when things slow down, I forget that there are always ups and downs.

Maybe someday I’ll finally get it.  Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be posting the potholder I made today.  And they’ll be for sale.

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