Good Morning From Bedlam Farm on the Winter Solstice

Lulu’s still limping a bit, but she’s mostly all better.  She and Fanny take their time this morning.


5 thoughts on “Good Morning From Bedlam Farm on the Winter Solstice

  1. Happy winter solstice!!!
    Thanks for these monday morning videos. I just love them. What a way to start the week.
    Too sweet how Chloe trit-trotted in quickly so she would not miss out on the action.
    Glad Lulu’s feeling better.
    Can’t tell you how much good cheer you bring by sharing your morning.

  2. Happy Return of the Light, Maria!
    here in the north the sun came up just after 9 am today and left us again at 4 pm (PST)…oh yes, l am sooooo ready to welcome back the light, burning candles, eating great food, giving thanks…..and taking an extra helping of Vitamin D drops! 🙂

    Enjoy, enjoy!
    Very best, Sabina

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