Each Scrap Has a Story

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It was tricky figuring out the fabric to frame this with, and there wasn’t quite enough so I added the checks.  There’s more to come, but this is as far as I got today.

I did get some informative comments on the quilt.  Katy wrote to tell me that the table cloth was her grandmothers.  Thanks to Katy’s Grandmother for loving this table cloth enough to use it so that it faded to just the right colors  and thanks to Katy for sending it to me.

Hannah, who sent me the scraps also had some info on them.  She wrote:

Each of those tiny pieces has a story, lighthouses on red background went into a quilt for my nephews cot when he was born, 2 years ago. A friend gave me the ‘USA’ brushed cotton pieces, and I included some in quilt blocks for an ‘international quilt’ my Dads 70th birthday is coming up, so I just included my completed blocks in the Christmas parcel that went back to the UK – my Mum has her completed blocks in Devon, England, and now has to join them all together.

The cute triangular turquoise fabric with little raindrop shaped darker pattern on it are the bits I trimmed when making a diagonal join on strips of fabric for binding a quilt for a friend. The rainforest with bright iguanas and frogs were from a quilt for a coworker who loves reptiles.

The lime green leaf and royal blue leaf on white background were from the odds and ends basket at my local village store – and I have loads of fabric with cat patterns on it.”

Years ago when I worked at a museum on Long Island,  we were hanging a Kay Walkingstick exhibit .  I had to confirm some of the titles of her painting so I was describing them to her over the phone  and she was telling me what they were.  Her paintings were abstract and similar with subtle differences.  I was surprised how well she knew each one and told her.   She said they were like her children that she sent out into the world and she never forgot any of them.

This quilt is already so much more than the sum of its parts.

4 thoughts on “Each Scrap Has a Story

  1. This looks great, when I saw the first pics I was wondering what it would turn into, imagining maybe one of your wall hangings, or a smaller lap quilt. I was thinking it would look good with a wide boarder of one of the colors in the quilt, like you have sometimes done on some of your cushions and quilts – glad that’s where your imagination took you – looks great.

  2. I think this is one of the best quilts you’ve ever done. It is like a piece of modern art (a painting, I mean–)–I agree with Kathy! Probably my favorite so far!

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