Jon and the Sycamore Tree

jon a nd tree

Jon has been appreciating trees in a whole new way lately.  Today, as we drove by a stand of Sycamores, one called to him.  We  stopped so he could take a picture.

She was a beautiful tree, with her glaring white branches reaching out seeming to embrace the world around her.  And Jon, for a little while, a part of that world.

12 thoughts on “Jon and the Sycamore Tree

  1. Maria, in itself, this photo is wonderful. Look at how slightly off-centre the tree is in its verticality and the scale of it beside Jon to the right, so good. The horizontal repetitive rows of cut hay, it’s a most interestingly constructed photo.

    And thank you to Jon for the review of Joy. It came out in our local theatre yesterday and I had noted it as one to see. The stars and the producer were on Charlie Rose’s programme over this past week, flogging it. No way do I want to pay money to sit through an hour or two watching someone play a victim as much as Jennifer Lawrence is easy on the eyes.
    SandyP in Canada

    1. I walked out of that movie Sandy and wondered why I felt so bad. It took me some time to understand why I was feeling the way I did when the movie seemed to be saying this was a success story it felt like anything but even though she has financial success.

  2. i love Jon’s photographs — I’m always telling my husband to look at them — but I must say that I REALLY love your version of the sycamore tree — it’s lovely — love the grass in the front — the patterns — the colors — the tree itself — really nice 🙂

  3. Good photo, Maria. I like the cut stalks on the green grass and the tree is in stark contrast. I like also the fact that the photographer is in the picture taking a photo while you are taking a photo. It is a neat tableau.

  4. I agree with previous comments. The height of the tree, the position of the man, the geometric pattern of the cornstalks – this has a really appealing perspective and point of view.

  5. It’s very interesting to see your photo of the sycamore tree and john’s! They are both beautiful but very different, and I think in the same ways you both are very beautiful and different. I’ve read about sycamore trees in books but never seen one before. What do your and John’s picture look like together? I’d love to see it!

    Maybe you two can do a whole series of photos. I’ll bet each one would show the two if you in all your differences and similarities?,.,

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