Painting The Bathroom

bathroom wall

The colors are off, the blue is brighter and the orange more yellow.  But it’s the best my iphone camera could do in the dark.  Over the past two days I’ve been  obsessed with painting the bathroom.  You can read all about it on Jon’s blog.  I haven’t read it yet,  I’ve been painting.

So much that just tonight I realized it was Monday and I forgot to post my  Good Monday  Morning From Bedlam Farm Video.  Well I guess that’s what it means to be human, we sometimes forget.  So this week it’ll be Good Tuesday Morning From Bedlam Farm.

Walking into the bathroom looks like walking into a fish tank.  It’s tropical.

I’m working on my fourth layer of  tangerine orange, trying to cover over  a lot of blue and  a bit of black trim.   I have to be patient and wait for the paint to dry before putting on another coat, but it’s not so easy.  I want it done.

And I also love that temporary rough edge between the blue and tangerine.  Reminds me of a Rothko painting.    Two more coats of tangerine  at least before I can make that sharp edge between the two colors.

But tomorrow I’m back in my studio.  I’ll finish painting the bathroom in my spare moments.  It’s just small touch ups and the ceiling left to do.

Maybe I’ll see if the paint is dry enough now to give  another coat.

5 thoughts on “Painting The Bathroom

  1. I am envious of your patience and persistence Maria. I only wish I could get obsessed with painting. My kitchen is sadly in great need, but I can’t seem to get moving on it. Congrats!

  2. Close enough, Maria, Orange/blue, opposites on the colour wheel, yellow/orange/blue/green?? Looks good and explaining the Rothko influence, perhaps a little plaque noting: inspired by…..That bathroom will surely lift the spirits of any who enter it…at least you will receive lots of comments on it. We live in the Northern Climes…I’ve never understood why people match their decorative colours to the climate, especially in winter…subdued. I think now there is more colour used in decorating but I still see the proper restraint in household colours and think, heck, it’s so dreary here where we live, why don’t you put some life into your home to brighten up the long winters we have up here.
    in what is another dreary looking day here in Southern Ontario, Canada….we’ve had snow, freezing rain, now rain…we have huge glumps of snow that are impossible to lift with a shovel…the roads are ploughed with sides mounding up in boulders of snow…the image of your bathroom will brighten my day.

    1. Oh I so agree Sandy. i love those bright tropical colors. Pink and turquoise, yellow and bright greens. I think we need them in the places we live. We got our first ice and snow today. It’s been like spring here till this morning. I can’t complain. Wishing you warmth.

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