The Back of My Quilt


The Back of my quilt "Longest Night"
The Back of my quilt “Longest Night”

Sometimes I use just one piece of fabric for the back of a quilt.   For “Longest Night” I used a brown fabric with red yarn.  And that red pops on the back and disappears on the front of the quilt.

Using one piece of fabric, there’s a simplicity that allows each strand of yarn to stand out in its own unique way.  Maybe it’s  a secret language, or a diagram of dance positions.   The backs of my quilts always make me think  of Eva Hesse’s sculptures and drawings.  It’s a grid and the game “Dots”.

And as complex as the front of the quilt is, the back is quiet and soothing in its repetition.


Eva Hesse "Untitled, 1967"
Eva Hesse “Untitled, 1967”
Eva Hesse Ass
Eva Hesse “Accession II”


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