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  1. I cannot imagine, Maria, a cat not chasing a chicken. Is this the Peaceable Kingdom in Cambridge, NY? And your dogs, how come they are not herding chickens along with sheep? When I had chickens and they got out of the run one day, on one of the few days I had on a dress and city shoes, the dogs got out (Australian Shepherds will, too, herd anything from humans to anything that moves, even leaves until they realize they are not alive). Three Aussies chasing twelve hens, feathers flying everywhere, it took me a whole day to find the flock who were cowering in dry stane dykes (stone fences) some running frantically outside the chicken run instead of inside, me tripping over my too long denim dress and shoes flopping. Good thing I was younger. So, how is it that at Bedlam Farm all the animals get along?
    And I love your bathroom, a demonstration where opposites attract.

    1. I don’t know what to say Sandy. I keep telling the cats the hens are just big birds, but they don’t seem to get it. And Fate will chase the chickens, but she doesn’t really mean it and just scatters them sometimes. And you know Red wouldn’t be so undignified to herd anything but sheep. We’ll see what happens this summer when the Guinea Hens come to Bedlam Farm.
      And thanks about the bathroom. after searching around the house I found the right pieces of art to hang in the bathroom and now the rest of the house looks really dull.

  2. Maria, you’ve often said that Minnie thinks she’s a chicken…do you suppose that the red hen thinks she’s a cat? Looks like she’s she’s hoping to come indoors with her feline friends!

    Kathleen : )

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