Margaret Bednar’s Poetry Challenge Using My Visual Poems

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Poet Margaret Bednar has once again created a Poetry Challenge for her online poetry blog  Imaginary Garden with Real Toads”  using some of my Visual Poems.

It works like this…..  Margaret posted  10 of my Visual Poems on her blog   Imaginary Garden with Real Toads and she and other poets use one or more of them as inspiration to write a poem.  (You can find all my Visual Poems at the top right of my blog)

This is open to all poets. The Poetry Challenge runs through January 14th.  You can read all about it here.  I know I’m going to be following it pretty closely.

Margaret chose my video Birch Bark Dance to inspire her first poem.  Here’s Margaret’s poem called “Undone” and my Visual Poem.  Margaret captured in her poem a whole other unseen part of what I was seeing when I made the video.

You can also hear Margaret read Undone and some of her other poems on her website My Poetic Journey.


“Her lacy corset’s frayed,
parchment thin.
Season’s light shines through,
settles upon delicate arms,
skywardly raised
as slender spirits come undone,
slip outside her bark, disrobe –
drape remnants upon crisp, cool breeze.

Finches bob and sing
alongside tasseled catkins,
closed, awaiting spring
but first the forest hushes, stills
joins the dance,
doff’s colorful robe –

prepares for winter’s white.”

by Margaret Bednar, January 13, 20156



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