Snow Coat

This is our first winter with Chloe and although it’s been a mild one, I can see that the snow and cold don’t bother her at all.  I’ve seen her  out grazing in all kinds of weather, snow,  rain, sun and wind.  Today she was clearing the snow away with her hoof to get at the winter grasses.

Her coat is long and thick for the winter, beautiful I think, even with a dusting of snow on it.

chloe snowy back

2 thoughts on “Snow Coat

  1. Nice pic. Love that you are adding videos to your stories. I read somewhere and I can’t remember where…it was an article about not blanketing is better for your horses than blanketing. And it was really interesting how their fur reacts to weather changes and insulates them as needed. Anyway I don’t blanket. I love how their is just a light splattering of snow on Chloe’s back. Very beautiful. I had my horses and goats at a ranch where they experienced snow for a total of three days. I think they really enjoyed it. Whole new experience for them.

    1. I’ve heard that some horses do better with blankets and some don’t, depending on the type of horse. Chloe’s like a Husky she seems to thrive in the snow.

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