Winged Goddess And Her Horse

winged goddess

It took a little will power, but I stopped myself from adding more to this drawing when I got the feeling it was done.  Those dots connecting the curve of the horses neck and the goddess’ wing were the last thing I drew.

I think the drawing speaks to the idea that I’m seeing I’m less interested in riding Chloe and more interested in connecting with her in other ways.

8 thoughts on “Winged Goddess And Her Horse

  1. I love this. It looks like everything connected, your spirit, your horse, your home, and your art. The more I got to know my horse Reanna, the less interested I was in riding her. We go for long walks and hang out and do other stuff. Having a horse or pony is an amazing journey. I will never say that I won’t go back to riding, but right now we are good. I love seeing your life in your work.

  2. Hi Maria!
    Its all about the connection, however it manifests.You two already have a deep relationship in the ways that you personally have developed with her, and it doesn’t have to be in the ride.You have taken the pressure off and now can be at ease.How wonderful is that? Your pony is very happy and free within her herd, which can then bring you happiness.
    I know it makes me happy when I see free grazin animals in the fields…….
    warm regards,

  3. Hi Maria,

    I felt that pressure too that I had to ride my horses. Until I realized horses weren’t born for us to ride them. We just evolved together that way. I also got to a place where I didn’t have “DO” things with Reanna. I mnoved to “BE” with Reanna and that opened up a whole world. There is so much outside pressure coming from the horse world and our culture that we always have to DO something with our horses…Reanna has taught me a lesson that we can just BE, just like I am with my human friends only different. I’m so happy you have Chloe and are on this journey. Horses have helped me so much on many levels. Enjoy.

  4. As a pubescent teen, every girl I remember had ‘horse fever’, wanting to be the starring lead in ‘National Velvet’. Call me silly but the reason I didn’t share a horsey desire was that having to ride on an animal’s back made me feel like lord and master rather than animal companion. I don’t mean to imply that has any bearing on your relationship with Chloe; but this post brought back for me the deep feelings I had which nobody else understood. I love seeing how you two grow with and towards each other!

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