A Doorway and a Butterfly for my Lace Tree

lace tree doors

I meant to sew some potholders today, but I got this idea for my quilt so started working on it instead.  There was a hole in the quilt, two squares worn all the way through, so I cut them out and they made a doorway.  Not sure what’s going to be in that doorway yet, but it gave me a place to begin and I built a room around it.

lace tree dresser

Here’s a close up.  I’m really drawn to how the patches of fabric and patterns show up against the stitching.  I’ll probably use some colored markers to make that stand out more, but want to leave a lot of it the way it is.

lace tree snake goddess

I stitched down my Snake Goddess and started to add designs to her.  They come from my Language of the Goddess book.

lace tree butterfly

The last thing I did tonight was add a butterfly to the missing square of the flagmen.   The butterfly is from a wallhanging that Veronica sent me.  Her grandmother had made it and it has all these wonderful patches on it.  Like that little oriental rug under the butterfly.  Those flagmen have the feeling of flight.  And the butterfly seems to make it all make sense to me.

lace tree

Here’s what it looked like when I left my studio tonight.

6 thoughts on “A Doorway and a Butterfly for my Lace Tree

  1. It’s just beautiful … I love it! … the kitty on the dresser, the up-turned feet lamp, the flying flagmen and the Snake Goddess! ♥ I have an up-turned feet lamp, a stand lamp on a tripod of up-turned feet with a beautiful horizontal s-curved bracket supporting the lamp with shade part. I think it’s from the 30’s or maybe 40’s, not sure.

  2. Thank you, Maria, for your postings day after day. I really love every one of them. I’m interested in the tiniest detail about each animal and how you interact with them. I love watching your creativity flow. I read the Estes book a long time ago and marveled at the rich content. I see much of it coming to life in a new way now. This quilt is fabulous. It makes me feel free!

    1. Your reaction to my quilt is a huge compliment Christine. I was feeling it was a bit tight, now I’ll let it’s freedom be infectious. Thanks.

  3. This is beautiful! I especially love the snake goddess. I may not know you personally, but your art is such an expression of your uniqueness. And in sharing it, we meet in our collective enjoyment of beauty. Thank you for sharing.

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