Good Morning From Bedlam Farm 1/18/16

We got some snow last night.  The brown hen spent the night in the barn sitting on a egg and only went back to the coop with the other hens when I shoved a path so she could see the ground.  Minnie and Flo ran back in the house after we put them out to eat.  It’s cold here today, but nothing like last year.  Now the animals are all going out to do some winter grazing in the snow.

Fanny and Lulu finding something to eat.
Fanny and Lulu doing some winter grazing.

3 thoughts on “Good Morning From Bedlam Farm 1/18/16

  1. What a bunch of loves. Love all their noses reaching out to you and the kitty coming to you from under the barn. The snow is so beautiful You have inspired me to take more videos and add them to my blog. I think it’s another art, way to express your creativity. I’m really enjoying watching them along with your pictures and writing. Thank you.

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