“You can’t set a sheep on fire”


Well if I ever question the fire resistance of wool again, I’ll just remember the old saying Marcia left in a comment.  “You can’t a sheep on fire”.  Some very strange images of smouldering sheep come to mind, a good way to remember I guess.

Yesterday I did two things.  I threw my experimental potholder in the washer and dryer to see what would happen.   As you can see from the photo of it above is came out a little lumpy but didn’t shrink as much as I thought it would.

The second thing I did was take all the good advice I got in my comments and email  (thank you all) and  washed one of the big pieces of wool I’m using inside my potholders in hot water with a cold rinse then  put it in the dryer.  Basically I felted it and preshrunk it.

So now it’s ready to go.  I’ll experiment with using less layers of wool.  It’s a bit fluffier after the felting so I shouldn’t need as much.  Then I I’ll do the washer experiment again just so I can see how it comes out.

I ‘m liking  the way 100% recycled sounds.

4 thoughts on ““You can’t set a sheep on fire”

  1. Ha! You are usually the innovative one where creative things are concerned but I got here before you! I have made woolen pot holders for years but I air dry them because of the possible lumpiness ( perfect use of this word!) Mine are from old sweaters with a plain cotton covering–from old clothes ditto.

    I will never use the pot holder I bought from you of the Texan filibustering woman’s pink tennie. It hangs on the kitchen wall as a constant inspiration to us both. When my Texan husband first saw it he exclaimed “But you can’t use this! it is wonderful!”

    We have just emerged from the snow storm down here in Delaware–no power cuts and our stalwart snow shoveler arrived on the dot yesterday–16 years old and saving for college. We gave him $40 and worth every penny of it–double his usual charge. WE had 26.1 inches–broke all records history.

    Best wihes and keep warm

    1. You sure did get there before me Erika. I’m beginning to think that maybe lumpy is ok. Gives the potholders a little more texture. I mean who says they have to be flat. I’m glad the you have help digging out of the snow and are doing ok with it all. We didn’t get a flake and it’s 40degrees here today. I’m not complaining. Nice to know you still have the potholder. And I like your husband.

  2. Hi Maria,
    Absolutely love the idea of felted recycled wool inside your potholders.
    Never liked that little crunchy sound the insulated fabric made.
    And I really love the beautiful potholder in this post……is it for sale?!?
    Hope all is good!
    PS Love too your title post “you can’t set a sheep on fire”

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