Good Morning From Bedlam Farm

A little late, but Good Morning From Bedlam Farm.  (I took the video this morning, I just forgot to put it up)


2 thoughts on “Good Morning From Bedlam Farm

  1. Very proud, happy sheep. I see mittens and scarves and hats!!
    Silly question, but what is the make of the blue car in the background? I just bought a new car–blue–getting prepared for retirement, you know! So this means I can set my retirement date–12/31/17. So I’ll be out to see you in spring of 2018. Gives me a terrific trip to look forward to!

    1. Can’t wait to meet you Susie, and Congrats on your retirement to come. That’s my car, it’s a 2007 Toyota Yaris. I love it great on gas and the perfect size. Bigger inside that you might think. And good in the snow too, no matter how much Jon complains about it.

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