Faster Than I Can Sew

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I couldn’t wait to get to my studio this morning and  work on my quilt.   I know just what I need to do.  Actually it’s way ahead of me,  I’m having a hard time keeping up with it.  The ideas are coming in faster than I can sew and draw them on.

I know I’m almost done, I just have to catch up.

5 thoughts on “Faster Than I Can Sew

  1. Have you considered raffling this quilt with expensive tickets– maybe up to $100 each? If you do not plan to keep it of course. It is worth so much, perhaps more than you would want to ask ? I would immediately buy a ticket and write would may be the requisite essay to make it all legal ?

    1. It’s a good idea Erika, but I don’t know that it is legal, from what I’ve read about raffles it isn’t. there may be another way of doing something like that thought. But I think this quilt is already sold. Someone did say she wanted it, I’m just waiting till it’s done to be sure.

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