Fate knocking at my door

Fate knocks at my studio door (just like Frieda used to) when she wants to come in.  She knows to leave her squeaky chicken outside.

Frieda waiting for me the door our first winter in my School House Studio.
Frieda waiting for me the door  of my studio last winter.

5 thoughts on “Fate knocking at my door

  1. Maria, whenever you have animals on a video, Meg, our Aussie (3 1/2 yr. old) leaps up with her paws on my computer desk and watches intently at the sheep, donkeys (she didn’t know what to make of those) and now Fate, today. We have to restrict her from watching The Nature of Things on television. She nearly goes through the screen.

    And I’m so glad that the calf will be a seasonal addition to your flock there at Bedlam Farm…an immensely sensible decision to return her to the Gully Farm when she’s ready to join the milking herd. Jon will have lots of fun weaving stories about Maria the calf and we’ll all get to enjoy reading and seeing pictures of her. A great addition to your sites.
    SandyP in S. Ont., Canada where it is bitterly cold. Winter does that to us.

  2. Thank you for your video clips. I smiled when I saw Fate leave her toy outside your studio and come on it. Life with animals, the best!

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