Goddess in the Doorway

goddess in doorway

I wasn’t sure exactly what she would look like, but last week I was meditating and saw what I would put in the doorway of the quilt with the lace tree and Flower Breathing Dragon that I’ve been working on.  During meditation I saw a goddess dancing on a small  sailing boat in the moon light.  There were  people on the shore waving good-bye to her.

In this doorway, she’s already out at sea, sailing into her life.   It took me most of the morning to get her just right.  She’s a tiny thing, about an inch tall, and because of that each little line and dot made a big difference in how she looked.   I got the idea for the boat she’s on from my  Language of the Goddess book.  It has some line drawings in it of boats which symbolize renewal.  That seemed right for her.   I also drew some of the boats from the book in the squares around the sail boat.   Simple line drawings with a marker.

I only stitched my goddess onto the quilt when I knew she was the right one.  Then I  hung it on my wall to look at it.  Just at that moment  the sun coming through the window landed right on her.  It only lasted a minute or so, but I got a picture of it.   I took it as a good sign.

light in doorway

I added the open window to the right of the archway then  took care of a few details before sewing a backing on the piece.

It’s finished now and I believe it’s sold.  I decided to call it “Goddess In The Doorway” .   I hope it asks as many questions as it answers.

Goddess In The Doorway
Goddess In The Doorway

20 thoughts on “Goddess in the Doorway

  1. Dear Maria, This must be the most intricate piece you’ve made so far. Your attention to detail is AMAZING! I love the tiny goddess sailing out into her own life. I think that represents how you left your family and first husband MUCH better than the word “Ruthless”. Perhaps they were ruthless with you for not allowing you to live out your true self. (I really liked that Blog Post. It just took me all this time to think thru what I thought on the subject!) Annie

  2. Hello Maria, Congratulations! This has been an especially satisfying quilt to watch emerge. Love the diagonals, love the details- my eyes do not stop moving over the surface. From the sad, faded remnant to this glorious, jumping with life, ART. Fantastic.
    Best regards, long may you reign.

  3. Love this quilt Maria -it’s very mysterious yet inviting and I think I could sit and stare at it for a long time…. I wish I could go through that doorway!

  4. Hi Maria, I hope my comment above didn’t come off as my trying to give you advice, which maybe I was, sorry. The sentiment behind it was “this piece looks like a million bucks!”

    1. No Janet, I appreciate your comments. I know where they’re coming from and it true that I’m still working on the pricing thing. It’s a tough thing for me that I feel like I’m constantly working out. And Erika agrees with you.

  5. Janet Bednarz is right; I went to quilt prices on quilt sites, eBay, etc., after looking at this quilt once more. $1,000 plus is certainly the right range–don’t short yourself.

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