Some Things I Noticed Today


We see new things everyday. We also see many of the same things. Sometimes they catch our attention and we really see them for the first time. Or we see them differently than ever before. The may not be big and dramatic events, but these things too, help to make  our lives what they are. Here’s some things I saw today….

When walking in the woods this morning I saw, for the first time, the “twin” lichen on this tree.  I’ve passed this tree many times, I know I have because it’s on a path I walk a lot, but this is the first time I saw the lichen.  Not quite a mirror image,  but unlike most of nature, it has a  symmetry that made  me notice and look at it  and wonder why  the lichen would grow so close together and be two different colors.


I was tacking my quilt and  reached over to cut another piece of yarn to thread my needle with I noticed all the lines that the yarn and electrical cords created.  I stuck my threaded needle in the ironing board padding creating an unintentional  line then noticed the diagonals of the ironing board legs.  With that,  all the other lines in front of me were brought to my attention.  It’s as if they created an environment, a three-dimensional drawing.  The lines then creating shapes in the negative space which became  forms or the illusion of forms to my eyes.


The rust is coming through the  now three-year old  paint job I did on  the kitchen cabinets when we moved into the house.  And that’s probably the last time I noticed the Youngstown Kitchens by Mullins logo below the sink.   Is she some 1050’s Amazon woman, with her 1950’s waist and skirt and bow an arrow?   A kitchen Goddess?  I fell for her.  I bet she’s lonely, going unnoticed for so long.  I’ll have to pay her more attention.


Every day I look for eggs.  Our hens are laying.  Sometimes in the barn (there are three nests where they lay in the barn)  always in the coop.  This perfect egg (they’re all perfect) was in the coop, in a round nest of hay and leaves. The sun of its universe.  Still warm in my hand, I thanked the chickens for tomorrows breakfast.

4 thoughts on “Some Things I Noticed Today

  1. I love your idea of looking at what’s around you that you may have missed. I’m going to try it! Love your pics too especially the egg and the Amazon Woman, and Lichen…oh wait…all of them really!

  2. Thanks for taking us on a tour with you. I especially liked the “drawing” you noticed in your studio. It would fit right in with an exhibit at the DeCordova museum right now in MA. The exhibit is all about unlikely ways to draw.

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