Jon, Feather and the Light, at Blue Star Equiculture

Jon and Feather
Jon and Feather

I always come back from our visits to Blue Star Equiculture  feeling better than when I got there. Even if I’m feeling really good to begin with.   I know Pamela would say it’s because of  the horses.  Just being in their presence, she says, will make us feel better.

Jon and I were walking to the far pasture to watch the horses and people practice for next weekend’s Sleigh Rally and Feather, one of the older horses on the other side of the fence, started following us.  We would stop and spend some time with her then when we started walking again she would follow us.  It was as if she was demanding our attention.  At one point I took a couple of photos of her and Jon.   They were talking  silently to each other as horses and humans often do.

It was a bright and sunny day, warm with blue skies so it’s very possible that the cloudy streak  going diagonally through Jon and Feather is the sun.  But I’ve never captured the sun in a photo that looks like this before.  And  of all the pictures I took today, it only occurred in these two.

Years ago, when I was working in an old Grange I took some photos with my digital camera.  I was just trying to get an overall picture of the interior of the building but when I looked at the photo I saw what looked like a white cloud hovering in the space.  I kept snapping photos and in each one, caught the cloud moving towards the wall and through it, till it was gone.

Later I showed the pictures to a writer who collected and documented ghost stories from the North East.   He told me it was ectoplasm, as casually as if he saw it everyday.  I was stunned, to him it was expected.

I don’t know what’s going on in these photos, but I know when I looked at them I got the same feeling as when I was in the old Grange.

Perhaps the communication between Jon and Feather is made visible.    But I also know that Jon was thinking about his friend Paul, Pamela’s husband who died last year.  On the way to Blue Star, he told me he wanted to go to the tree when Paul hanged himself.  To visit the tree and think of Paul.

Even if it is the sun light somehow reflected by my camera, it still seems  unusual that it appeared just at this moment.  Jon writes about and photographs the light all the time.  What better way to communicate with him whether you’re a person or a horse.

Jon and Feather
Jon and Feather





5 thoughts on “Jon, Feather and the Light, at Blue Star Equiculture

  1. The first thing I noticed in the photo was the streak of light connecting Jon to Feather. I’ve seen this kind of light in photos many, many times. It’s not a sun streak. It is, in my humble opinion, the merging of Jon and Feather’s auras.

  2. Maria,
    I had to come and see the photos you took of Jon while the two of you were at Blue Star Equiculture today. I do think it is possible that you caught the refraction of light off the metal clip attached to Jon’s camera and the body strap. Refracted light is what happens when light is directed and focused onto a prism. This refracted light creates rainbows. At Jon’s hip I can see,faintly, the casting of a rainbow that does continue up and on to Feather. The amazing bit is that it happened twice, I have no idea of the odds of this happening twice when both Jon and Feather had distinctly changed positions. My conclusion, yes physics is involved, but twice, something else was there and directing the behavior of light. What changed the light? Doesn’t matter. Jon and Feather were united by light and love. That counts more than Science for this was indeed a spiritual event. Thank for sharing your story, the past and present, and the icing on the cake? Your photos capturing the present. Love was there and you caught it in action. (If that clip is not metal, then I am in total awe of what happened because then the Universe had control, period)
    p.s. From the photos I think the chance of light refraction is close to zero. The metal clip in both photos appears to be outside the possibility of light even touching it. I hope you are grinning over the Mystery you captured.

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