Snake Goddess in a Lace Tree

Snake goddess and tree

Some materials I just find easy to work with.  I always be able to manipulate chicken wire easily.  It has just the right amount of resistance to keep its character and for me to be able to make it do what I want it to.  It was a material I used again and again when I first started making sculpture.

Now I’m  finding that capturing the texture, twists and flow of branches and roots with lace comes easy to me.  It’s as if the lace lends itself to having dimension, it doesn’t really want to lay flat.   It’s different from most fabric because of the dense areas and open spaces.  I have to work with them and sometimes they dictate what direction I take with the lace.

Today I got the roots and trunk sewn down, with the Snake Goddess tucked in side.  Now I’m continuing to work on the branches.

I have no idea what will come after the tree is done.  But that’s part of what keeps me interested in creating, not knowing what I’m working on will look like when I’m done.

Snake goddess and tree2

3 thoughts on “Snake Goddess in a Lace Tree

  1. I so love this, Maria! My all time favorite to date. Who’d of thought you could make a tree out of lace. So creative and genius. And I like the lace verses the strength of a tree. Beautiful!

    1. We do think of lace being a delicate thing, I hadn’t thought of that. But it really has a strength of it’s own especially when layered. But lace is almost skeletal in a way.

  2. Wow! This really speaks to me. And the lace… that is amazing. [Now *I* want to make trees out of lace, too!] I can’t wait to see what this looks like finished.

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