Waves Of Sheep

fate and red

Fate ran right through the wire fence to our pasture, but Red waited for me.  Then… Away!

3 thoughts on “Waves Of Sheep

  1. Hi Maria,

    I’ve been curious, what is the reason for making the sheep run around, is it that they need exercise or what? It seems like they have such big bodies and stick legs that they could snap a leg easily, but obviously that’s not so. Is it just for the dogs’ fun and the sheep have no choice in the matter? Curious minds want to know! 😉 Thanks –


    1. It is good exercise for the sheep Katy, and you don’t have to worry about their legs, They’ve been running away from predators for… well as long as they’ve been on earth. But it’s also good practice for the dogs (who love to do it) to get the sheep where we want them to be when we need to move them from one pasture to another or into the barn. Also, it’s a big part of why we have sheep, so the dogs can herd them. Fate is still learning how to do it. I sell their wool too, but it’s all part of earning their keep, their work in a way.

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