Minnie and the Hen Having Breakfast Potholders

Minnie and the Hen having breakfast
Minnie and the Hen having breakfast

Minnie has been dining with the hens ever since she came to Bedlam Farm.  At Old Bedlam Farm she used to sleep in the roosting boxes and when Winston the rooster was dying, she stayed by his side.  I’ve always thought that she thinks she’s a chicken.

Last week I put up a picture of  Minnie having breakfast with the hens.  Often when I scatter the left overs for the chickens Minnie is right there eating with them.  And our new Red Hen from the Gulleys Farm is always hanging around Minnie on the back porch.

When I first wrote the words, Minnie having breakfast with the hens, a picture other than the one I took came into my mind.  I saw Minnie and the hens sitting around a table eating together.   And I knew it wanted to be a potholder.

So today I got out my sketch pad and started making drawings  for the potholder.  Then I moved onto my sewing machine to see how what I had drawn would translate.


The photo on the top of the page is what I finally came up with.  I did a few of them today and will make a few more tomorrow.  I don’t know how many I’ll make in total,  probably not more than 10 or so.  I  get tired of making them after a while.  And they are all a little different of course, since each is it’s own drawing.  After they’re sewn together, I’ll be selling them for $23 each + shipping.

I start each one by stitching Minnie first then come the hens then the table, chairs and the bowls are last.

The beginning of a potholder
The beginning of a potholder, I stitch Minnie first.

10 thoughts on “Minnie and the Hen Having Breakfast Potholders

  1. I love these! Minnie looks like she just dropped a bombshell and is smirking at the hen with her wing up’s reaction. Thanks for sharing this, Maria. —MT

  2. I like how one of the chickens seems to be saying something emphatically. It could be a picture out of a children’s book.

    Thanks for letting us see your sewn doodles/drafts.

  3. Hi Maria,

    I would love one of those potholders, that is my cat’s smile and attitude for sure – love the way he’s looking to his left as if in conversation! I kinda get a pink panther vibe from your design, too, one of my favorite characters! I have no computer at home so if you sell them before Monday, any chance you could hold one for me? Thanks so much and have a good weekend!

  4. Eating together, and clearly chatting too, like old chums. Just love the intimacy and whimsy in these. Please reserve one for me!

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