A Free Motion Sewing Video of Me Making My” Minnie and Hens Having Breakfast Potholders”

Minnie and the Hens having breakfast.
Minnie and the Hens having breakfast.

I made a few more “Minnie and the Hens having breakfast Potholders” today and asked Jon to take of video of me making one.  It’s a bit long, and the video starts with me sewing the second hen, just  to keep it from getting too boring.   But it gives a good idea of how I do it.

I have a few potholders ready to sell and will be making more.  They’re $23 each + $5 shipping.  If you’d like one just email me at [email protected].  I take checks and paypal.  And remember they’re all a bit different from each other, since each is individually “drawn” (on my sewing machine).

Have a look at how I do it…

10 thoughts on “A Free Motion Sewing Video of Me Making My” Minnie and Hens Having Breakfast Potholders”

  1. Thanks for sharing ! First time for me to see free motion and I truly enjoyed….eyes glued. I have this feeling you make it look easy when it surely is a challenge ! 🙂

  2. You are a wiz with the machine and you must have very good eyesight.
    It was a joy to watch the video, on how you do your work.

  3. When you hurried to change the thread and commented how you didn’t think that part was interesting and then Jon said “I think it’s pretty cool” I teared up hearing the love and support in his voice. I wish I had that but never had and guess I never will. Seems I married someone just like I grew up with. Imprinting must be a real thing.

    1. Lynn, I didn’t even think about it, but I married the same way the first time around. Thank you for mentioning it. In a way I’m glad I don’t usually think about that kind of thing anymore, but I also am grateful to remember how good my life with Jon is. In so many ways and in this way too. And when you need encouragement, think of me, I’m sending you armloads full. And you never know what will happen…..

  4. Maria, it’s amazing you can draw using a sewing machine. And not only draw, but pretty much duplicate the same picture over and over. You’re so talented – I think you should do this for a living. Oh wait – you already do!

  5. Being a non-sewer (other than straight lines for curtains and pillow cases!), this was hypnotizing to watch, thanks for sharing the process!

  6. Great job! Having done free motion on some quilts, I am enthralled with how you draw your characters so smoothly. Truly very skilled and enjoyable to watch:)

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