Dryer Knots

dryer knots

No this is not some fancy braided fabric, but the beautiful tangled mess of clothes that came out of my dryer today. It looked so intentional to me…well…. I had to take a picture.   Looks like something I would do.

7 thoughts on “Dryer Knots

  1. This photo made me laugh. I thought the clothes showed how you and Jon are intertwined or they were saying “it’s cold out there, let’s huddle.”

    I loved watching you sew the Minnie potholders. It made me feel like I was in the studio with you. Do you draw the lines first or is it truly free form ? You went so quickly.

    1. It’s truly free Laura. That’s why they’re all a bit different. I did a drawing on paper first to get the drawing right, then it direct from the needle to the fabric. And I like you interpretation of the dryer knots.

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