A Valentine For You


This morning Jon asked me what love felt like.  I immediately saw a picture in my mind of a beach, the gentle waves and endless horizon.  “It’s vast”  I said,” but not empty, it’s expansive”.

So today, on Valentines Day, I wish you all a vast and expansive horizon.

4 thoughts on “A Valentine For You

  1. Maria, I wish I had more room on my wall, I love this illustration. You really are very gifted. Thank heavens for how your lives have transpired, both you and Jon, to allow your creativity to come to fruition so that we all get to enjoy it. This illustration is mighty tempting to purchase.

    Your description of winter is much as ours. It’s been bitterly cold here in Southern Ontario and hard for the dogs going outside. Annie simply sits down in the snow and tells me that she cannot go a step further. Meg meanwhile comes to me holding her paws up to be rubbed. Days I wish they could use the indoor plumbing.
    SandyP, in Canada

  2. This beats Hallmark by a mile! Thanks Maria – happy hearts day to you and Jon! Thanks for all the love you bring into our lives.

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