Dinner, Milking and Artificial Insemination at the Bejosh Farm

Jon milking a cow
Jon milking a cow

Last night after dinner at Carol and Ed Gulley’s we all went to the milking parlor so Jon could help milk the cows.  Deb Foster, who watches our animals, was there too.  She’s been helping Carol and Ed set up their new blog Bejosh Farm Journal.  While Ed, Carol and Jon were milking Deb and  I visited with Maria and Jon the calves.  Then I spent most of my time taking pictures.

Milking cows has nothing to do with a three legged stool and a metal bucket.  As you can see from the photo, the cow is barely visible behind all the fencing, tubes and suctions.   They’re docile creatures, waiting patiently at to the door to be let into the milking parlor, they walk in slowly and stop at their station.  After milking the file out like well behaved school children.

Then Ed surprised us by artificially inseminating their cow Lynn.  I got a video of it which you can watch below. As strange as it was to see,  Ed makes it look easy, almost uneventful.  And Lynn, the cow, doesn’t seem to have a problem with it either.



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