Lace Tree Goddess

Lace Tree Goddess

There’s something about being able to give a piece time that can make all the difference.  It’s only recently that I’ve been able to take more time with my quilts and wall hangings.  It’s a shift I’ve been wanting to make, but was  often filled with anxiety to get them done.  My need to create and sell pushed me to work quickly.

But lately, I’ve been trusting my work more.  Trusting that I will sell what I make and that I can sell it for enough money to be able to take the time I need.

I  knew I wanted to add something to the branches of my lace tree, but I couldn’t figure out what it would be.  I tried different things, ribbons and fabrics to make leaves, sewing fabric between the branches to distinguish it from the rest of the ground.  These things weren’t right, so I let the piece hang on my wall, giving it time.

Then I saw beads, twinkling, here and there.  I started to sew them on, but it still wasn’t what I wanted.  Last night I woke up and thought to cut small round pieces of fabric that would go beneath each bead.  Finally I could see something that would really work.

When I got to my studio this morning I thought of my buttons.  I’ve had boxes and tins of buttons in my studio for years and never knew how to use them.  This morning I knew.  Lace Tree Goddess detail

Under each bead a button.

You can’t easily see the beads from a distance, but you will catch a sparkle when the light hits it right.  Hopefully drawing you in to take a closer look.

“Lace Tree Goddess” is sold.


2 thoughts on “Lace Tree Goddess

  1. I like what you say about giving a piece time to speak to you, and the groovy button/bead combos really illustrate your point. I’m also happy to hear you are feeling more confident that your work will sell at the right price at the right time, so you don’t have to rush. This is such a lovely piece of art!

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