The Time of The Wind

Red in the triangle of the tree

When the warm wind comes in the spring I open all the windows in the house, letting it scatter the months of winter air and dust.

The wind, no matter what time of year, is nature’s pruning, all the dead branches break from the trees, and the sick and weak trees themselves topple and snap.

I stand in the wind, my arms out like a scarecrow and imagine it whistling through my ribs, emptying me out.


When Holly wrote and told me that in eastern medicine 3am, The Witching Hour, The Hour of The Wolf, is called The Time of the Wind  and that it comes to help clear the body, I connected with it right away.

Suddenly that awful hour became an opportunity, not something to dread.  Like a bad dream, if I can see it as having a message for me,  something my subconscious is trying to make me aware of, then I can deal with it.

So maybe waking at 3am is a gift.  Maybe my sleep has dredged up something from the day or from my past that I need to let go of.  Like the wind, blowing through my open windows, lifting the dust and stagnant energy, and blowing it away.

2 thoughts on “The Time of The Wind

  1. This is perfect, Maria. According to Acupuncture theory, this time of the night/morning is also the time of the lungs and it is time to breath and clear out, so this make so much sense as well as an opportunity, as you say, to let go. Nice piece of writing…

  2. Could you please ask Holly what time 2:22 am means….I’m always wake at that hour
    I’ve always loved to hear the wind blow through the massive oak behind my bedroom….with the little concern….”could it fall?” But it is so beautiful to hear the sounds it sends out as the air blows through✨
    Enjoy your new found gift!

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