Fate, The Dog We Wanted

jon and fate herding

Somehow, Fate has become the dog that both Jon and I wanted.

Fate  speaks to the pirate in Jon, the rascal, troublemaker.   He loves her and pays attention to her and teaches her without breaking her spirit.  He appreciates her for the dog she is and delights in her strangeness.  He buys her more toys than she can ever play with.  And he has the patience and confidence to take her to places like the hardware store and bookstore and train her on the spot.  And at night, he sings to her like he used to sing to Lenore and lets her chew playfully on his face.

For me, Fate is becoming a great studio dog.  She follows me to my studio each morning and  somehow learned not to step on my quilts  when they’re laid out on the floor.   She stands at the door when she wants to go out and knocks on it when she wants to come in. She mostly leaves me alone to do my work.  Except,  every once in a while,  when she walks between my legs and looks up at me,  gently asking for some attention.

She’s not perfect by any means, but she fits in perfectly in our imperfect world.

One thought on “Fate, The Dog We Wanted

  1. Oh, Maria! This is so beautiful!! You and Jon have somehow drawn out of Fate exactly what you both need from her in SUCH A BALANCED WAY!! Fate is neither too much a “Pirate” nor is she too constrained by the discipline of respecting and sharing your work space. I love it!! Annie

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