Jane, Goddess of Perpetual Life

jane 1

I was going to finish tacking my “That’s Enough” quilt but I got into my studio and had the urge to draw something.   I was thinking of my Lion Headed Woman.

I have a big supply of linen napkins that I use to make drawings (with my sewing machine) on, but for today they were too white and the fabric too soft and silky.  I wanted a rougher fabric, an off white.  I found this linen in my stash, divided into rectangles and it just felt right.

Still not knowing what I would do I got out some batting and backing.  As I was ironing the linen I saw the goddess with one hand holding up her left breast and liquid coming out of it “watering” something.

The goddess I saw didn’t have a lions head.  This was a life giving goddess, a symbol of fertility, the Lion Headed Woman is something else.

She flowed easily from the needle of my machine.  I saw the horse she was standing on and sewed it next.

I had some metallic gold thread that someone gave me and I thought was glad to have it because the thing she is watering (I’m still not sure what it is) wanted to be gold and shiny.

jane 2

After most of the stitching was done, I got out my pens, markers and beads and added color.

jane 4

Those are fertility goddesses in the corner.   All inspired by the goddesses in my Language of the Goddess Book. The marker cross hatching behind them is an ancient symbol of life giving water.

I thought about what I wrote yesterday about “letting life in” and the words Jane, The Perpetual Goddess of Life came into my mind.   Jane, the perfect name for an everyday goddess.  This piece so wanted to be born.

I picked out a yellow and gold fabric for the border which I’ll sew on tomorrow.   I think she’s all done otherwise, although I may feel differently in the morning.  I’m already picturing a few of those tiny blue beads in the spirals under the wings of the pink wheel.

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