“Jane, Goddess of Perpetual Life” For Sale

jane done 3

Something must have broken open inside of me to have made this piece.

It was pure joy and flowed like the drops of life-giving water coming from Goddess Jane’s  breast.  I find her easy-going strength delightful.  She seems powerful to me in the most loving way.  There’s a fearless confidence in her ability to nurture.

I have to say I’m taken with her.  I look at this piece and wonder where it came from.  Then I think that there must be some of her inside of me.  Maybe  she’s inside of you too.

Jane, Goddess of Perpetual Life is  Sold for sale.   She’s 20″x24″ and is $150 + $10 shipping.  If she brings you joy and you’d like to have her in your home you can email me here  at [email protected].  I take checks and paypal.

A close up of Jane
A close up of Jane

5 thoughts on ““Jane, Goddess of Perpetual Life” For Sale

  1. Hi Maria,
    congratulations to this piece! I love it. I am into goddesses myself. Is this sold already? Please let me know. I am interested to buy it.

  2. I think it is most beautiful. One of my favorites so far. I’m sure it will sell right away. What a reflection of happiness on you.

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